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Dear Reader,
The International Historical Commission (CHI) is a specialized Commission of the FIA dealing with the non-sporting side of the historic vehicle movement. The attributions of the CHI include:

  • studying the various historical aspects of the automobile in order to identify, collect, enrich and protect the records relating to the history of the automobile at international level;
  • helping to set international definitions and standards relating to the different aspects of historic vehicles with a view to harmonisation of existing national definitions and standards;
  • monitoring national and international legislation in order to preclude measures which could adversely affect the use of historic vehicles on public roads or could adversely affect their preservation as objects of rich cultural and historical significance;
  • assisting and advising all FIA member organisations in their activities relating to historical cars, their preservation and enjoyment;
  • working in close cooperation with the FIVA to achieve the above and to ensure the safeguard and heritage of the historic movement.

The CHI may also put forward proposals for FIA policy with regard to historic vehicles, for approval by the FIA General Assembly.

To carry out its work, the CHI may set up specialised Working Parties comprised of experts from FIA Clubs. To this end, the Museums Working Party was created to compile the list which is today made available on this dedicated microsite. We hope you will find it useful, and will enjoy visiting some of the museums on the list.

Michel de Thomasson
CHI President

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