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25 225 Zbuzany CZECH REPUBLIC

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Tel: +420 2579 60332
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CAR MUSEUM Praga was founded in 1957. The main aim of the Museum was to map the history of our largest carmaker, and indeed even the history of the car industry, which at that time belonged to the European top. CAR MUSEUM Praga is featured in all the lists of museums and cultural committees is evaluated by UNESCO as the third largest brand in the world collection that goes beyond the scope of the Czech Republic and is the image of our glorious history, which managed to preserve this for future generations and which we can rightly be proud. In 2000, CAR MUSEUM Praga in the project Prague - European City of Culture opened to the public. before me Let me introduce myself. More than forty years ago I began to collect historical interest automobiles from the Czech production and first attempt to focus a number of specimens representing at least one piece of all Czech manufacturer.


Normal price: CZK80
Adults: CZK80
Childrens: CZK40

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Disabled facilities: yes
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