698 La Selva Girona
17410 Sils SPAIN

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Monday-Wednesday: Open for group by appointment
Thursday-Sunday : 10:00-14:00
Closed: 1st and 6 January
25 and 26 December


Salvador Claret Automobile Collection, debuted in 1950, when Mr. Claret has bought and restored a Ford Model T in 1923. Since then, his passion led him to expand his collection. This was the first museum dedicated public auto open daily throughout the Spanish state. The museum covers topics very different but all related to the automotive industry: aviation equipment, bikes, cycles, stationary engines and other materials ...


Normal price: ?5.00
Adults: ?5.00
Children (under 14 years old): ?3.00
Groups (12 people): ?4.00
School groups: ?2.50

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